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Prof Green
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A few quick ideas for people who are not normally naked:

  1. Strip completely naked with the curtains drawn and then open them
  2. If you have a back garden, go outside, strip naked, walk as far or long as you dare, come back in You could take a dramatic bow towards the house on your way back in case anyone has seen you – that way they’ll know you’re doing a dare
  3. Throw something out of the back door as hard as you can and then go and get it back
  4. Strip naked outside while wearing a blindfold
  5. Get someone to photograph you tied up and naked. (I’ve tried this on my own with a delay on the camera but gave up and had to ask someone to help in the end.)
  6. An idea I saw somewhere else but I’m not sure how effective it is – strip naked in a public toilet cubicle. I think the idea is to feel naked in public but it didn’t do much for me. You could then open the door but that sounds like a good way to get arrested!