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    It’s complicated and it’s varied over time. I’ve copied and pasted these comments from various things I’ve posted here before. Warning though – the early experiences are a bit weird.

    • “My upbringing has given me the confidence to be naked. I think aspects of my childhood were borderline weird though. My mum was an exhibitionist. My sister, not me, started us playing strip games. We were sometimes kept naked after a bath as a punishment.”
    • “When we were teenagers, me, my friend, my sister and her friend used to play games, often with some degree of stripping involved. With board games, we had to take something off if we rolled a double. It’s good harmless fun, often with very few clothes removed, but there’s still a real risk of ending up naked.”
    • “As very small children, my sister and I used to to share a bath but – again – that’s just normal family life. My mother had a slightly odd side to her. I remember that if one of us was naughty we’d have to wait a long time after a bath to be allowed to put our pyjamas on, even after we were old enough to be at school. I also remember us having to model our new clothes, even minimal underwear, and that was very weird. That went on for much longer. Her exhibitionism got a bit out of hand when we were teenagers but that didn’t involve me getting naked, just her leaving her dressing gown very loose all evening on many occasions…
    • …So what about times when I stripped on purpose? That started when my sister asked me once if I wanted to see her naked. Of course I did but we were so young it was just about curiosity. That grew into playing strip games and we very soon started playing with one of my friends, one of her friends, and – at least once – her friend’s brother but he didn’t seem to enjoy it. We were going through puberty then, so say aged 11-ish???”

    Also, up until a couple of years ago (it feels like longer), a group of us used to meet up occasionally and got into the habit of playing stripgames. It was just something we did. Some moved away and we lost the habit, but who know what would happen if we ever manage a reunion!

    Going back to the question, when I was growing up I sometimes acted out fantasies of being visible naked, either tied to my bed or walking around outside at night. I now seriously believe that was a symptom of something not right in my juvenile head. When I was playing teenage stripgames I didn’t like losing at first but gradually got to the point of wanting to lose and eventually wanting to get the most “revealing” forfeits. More recently with friends, I didn’t mind at all. It was just a closely-knit group having fun. Most recently now though I’ve gone back to seeing it as a challenge. I’ve appeared naked on NE a few times and it gets more challenging each time. I enjoy the challenge but I don’t particularly like the results.

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