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    We’d need to hear from some strippers really but I imagine some do it for fun, some out of economic necessity, and (horribly) some because they’re forced into it by someone who is no better than a pimp. It would be fun to imagine someone doing  one-off performance as a dare but I don’t know how likely that is in practice. I could imagine someone doing it once because it was on her bucket list. That, for me, might be the best reason of all. She might be extremely shy in real life and might never really now if she was enjoying herself or not but as least she’d have forced herself into that situation.

    For someone who isn’t forced into it, either by coercion or by dire economic straits, the power surely lies with the stripper. In the other cases though the power lies elsewhere. Another possibility is that the stripper is someone who enjoys relinquishing her power – someone who is turned on by temporarily giving up her normally powerful position.

    So many questions, so few answers.