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    I think that at least in the United States anyway it comes from the Puritan tradition which views anything sexual as fundamentally immoral and all nudity as sexual, a source of shame. It’s a backward belief but it’s deeply ingrained in the society so there is a feeling of shame every time there is any type of public display of sexuality, including just the act of being naked. It doesn’t make any logical sense if you look at it from that standpoint, but it’s also still hard to overcome the feelings that have been instilled in you by society from a young age, so I think that we will continue to view all things like stripping and nudity as immoral until we get over our hangups.

    But again as I have said numerous times on this forum, a little bit inhibition and repression can sometimes lead to the whole thing being more kinky, naughty and taboo. If people walked around naked all the time and it was an ordinary everyday occurrence it probably wouldn’t be very sexually exciting for most people. But the fact that we don’t see people naked most of the time when we see a person naked, especially if they are the only one naked, is a source of titillation.

    I definitely have this conflicting attitude seeing as I would feel kind of awkward and embarrassed being in a strip club at the same time fantasizing about being the one up on stage!

    I’ve also brought up numerous times is that wearing clothing versus being naked is also seen as sort of a power thing. In society if you are seen as the one who is not in control or who is in the vulnerable and exposed or submissive position it is seen as a sign of weakness and disrespect. And it has been shown in studies that when people see a person naked they tend to objectify them and view them as less competent and more of a thing rather than a person.

    So I think that when we see someone willingly stripping the cultural value instilled in us is to view them as weak, as a lesser person. Again it doesn’t make sense and it’s not right, but I think that unconsciously that is the view and the attitude most people still have instilled in them from a young age and it’s a feeling that most people have a hard time overcoming.

    There was a quote I like by someone that I knew said that a true measure of a man is how he treats waitresses and strippers because those are women who are in a fundamentally servile and submissive position to him where they can decide whether to reward or punish them by how much they decide to give or not give to them and how they treat them in general. I think that there is a lot of to that saying.

    It also reminds me of a scene in my own CFNM novella where a guy is forced to go naked in front of a bunch of strippers who are ironically fully dressed and what a huge reversal of the status quo that is and how eye-opening it is for him. The ironic thing is that in this situation all of the strippers are fully comfortable with being naked and enjoying the fact that they see him uncomfortable in a way that they would typically have to be made to feel when they are around men. They are self-confident about their nudity while he is getting a taste of what it is like to be sexually objectified and on display for a bunch of people are usually the ones in the submissive and vulnerable position of being naked for his amusement.