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    “Well Arthur, maybe joining N.E. and chatting with other people interested in nudity will help you overcome some of those inhibitions.

    I have inhibitions about a lot of things but being seen naked is not one of them. Because of my parents attitudes and the encouragements I had when young, I learned self-confidence and can’t recall if I ever had any inhibitions about my body.”

    “My upbringing has given me the confidence to be naked. I think aspects of my childhood were borderline weird though. My mum was an exhibitionist. My sister, not me, started us playing strip games. We were sometimes kept naked after a bath as a punishment. On a happier note, the house behind ours was rented out to students and one of the women there was much more of an exhibitionist than my mum ever was. She used to let her boyfriend strip her naked with the curtains open. Because of the angles, I could never see below her waist – I don’t know if she knew that though. Oddly he always used to wear a towel around his neck. It;s strange what we remember from long ago!”

    Actually interesting you should mention that. When I was younger I used to be really open about being naked and everything like that but as I grew older I grew into a very deeply inhibited person and I think that I’m just uncomfortable in most sexual situations altogether, probably why I’m a 35 year old virgin.

    It could do with the fact that I grew up in a really conservative family for the most part who didn’t really show any type of physical or romantic/sexual affection and they certainly would not get naked in front of anyone so I must have developed that attitude despite my liberal attitude towards everything in general.

    You can control how you think that you can’t really control how you feel about certain things is what I think the matter is. You both grew up comfortable around nudity so you had no such inhibitions. But then I also have gender issues which I think also made me a bit sexually inhibited. And I am just a very shy and reserved person in general.

    I actually don’t mind my inhibitions though because I think that has resulted in me having this sort of humiliation kink and I find it really exciting at the idea of having someone poke fun at my inhibitions and sort of try to force me out of them. If I was comfortable with my body and myself being seen naked by a group of dressed people wouldn’t really have any buzz to it and wouldn’t be exciting or exhilarating. So thanks to my extreme inhibitions if I ever do find a sexual partner she will have a great amount of fun making me feel awkward and uncomfortable and embarrassed and hopefully really enjoying seeing that!

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