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    I think for me there issues around power and safety. If someone is ultimately safe being naked and has the power to stop when they feel they’ve come to a boundary they can’t cross then all is well. I’ve played strip games on and off since I was a teenager and the feeling of being forced to strip is definitely exciting, as is the discomfort felt by other participants, but ultimately anybody can stop at any point. My wife plays along but never wants to go beyond being very briefly completely naked and everyone respects that because we’ve all known each other a long time. We did face an ethical issue once when a friend of a friend joined us. She was much younger than the rest of us and it did make me wonder how acceptable it was for older people to ask a much younger person to strip, but she fully joined in and said afterwards that she’d had a good time.

    I don’t think I’m especially proud of this but I very much enjoyed being at Bournemouth Beach a couple of years ago when someone had obviously been dared to get changed very slowly. She wasn’t enjoying it at all but I still found it exciting. I told myself she could always have said no. Almost everyone else nearby either didn’t notice or pretended not to, and there were quite a few topless women around including a group of youngsters playing a ball game. I remember one of them had extremely red boobs. They looked painful and I’m sure they were the next day. I hope she got someone to rub aftersun lotion into them 🙂

    Another thing this reminds me of is a conversation I had on here with @Susan a while back. I was bothered about hen parties that got out of control and coerced women into getting naked and beyond. She was saying (my interpretation) that there is a difference between participating in a theatrical performance, which is fabulous escapism, and being (socially) forced into a situation that you really don’t want to be in.

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