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    “Regarding humiliation, if that’s what you want, I wonder what circumstances would do that. If you were naked for long enough with a group of naked (biological) women, I imagine they’d either accept or reject you as part of the group. The rejection (if any) would potentially be humiliating in a bad way though. If you were naked with naked men, they wouldn’t have much basis for humiliating you.

    How about being in a naked mixed gender group? The group is then told to divide itself into men and women. Obviously you side with the women but then everyone would see your choice. That feels humiliating in a good way, not a bad way.”

    I don’t know if it’s because of my transgender feelings but I would feel kind of less comfortable in a group of naked men. Maybe just because I find the prospect unattractive or maybe it’s just because I don’t feel as safe around men as I do with women. A nude woman would feel not so comfortable around a group of guys.

    If I were naked with a group of biological women but still having a naked male body even if they accepted me I still think it would feel kind of awkward. Because even if they accepted me as female I am still biologically male and if those women are heterosexual or bisexual seeing my body would probably be arousing to them so I would still be feeling like I was being sexualized.

    It’s almost like if you ever saw that movie The Hot Chick where the woman woke up as the guy and her best female friend sort of wanted to see your penis. I think of it as being kind of like that, it’s like waking up at the opposite sex but your same-sex friends now want to see your naked opposite sex body and you can’t really ignore the fact that biologically speaking I would still have a male body and they would still be viewing me through a sexual lens like that which would be both awkward and arousing, because again the awkwardness and the humiliation is kind of a turn on.

    I think like that in a mixed sex group I would feel uncomfortable having my biologically male body around men or women but I felt that if I had the correct female body physically I would feel comfortable around both men and women. Women because we would just be a bunch of naked women together, and men, although I am lesbian in orientation and not attracted to men, it would still feel validating as a woman to be viewed at sexually or sexually objectified by a group of men.

    “There’s a woman with a penis who does the Manchester WNBR in the UK. Physically as you’d expect for a woman apart from that detail. I’ve never heard any comments one way of the other. Maybe having thousands of people pointing their phone cameras at us makes people realise that we’re all in it together. It’s probably more unusual to see riders with pubes. The Pubic Hare is on the verge of extinction in the Manchester ride.”

    Think that the people who would participate in some type of naked a van like a naked bike-athon or something like that are probably tolerant, open and sexually accepting people in general so they probably wouldn’t have a problem. If you have a mixed sex group of people getting naked someone who was sort of in between sexes probably wouldn’t raise many eyebrows as they are all there for the same reason.

    Also there is much to be said about safety in groups. Even if you had a body that was somewhat abnormal or unusual or somewhere caught between genders you wouldn’t stand out as much if everyone else is naked as well and you are in a large crowd of people that is again why think the idea of being the only one naked is much more intense because then all attention is basically focused on you and you can really feel all eyes on you.

    I think the what it ultimately comes down to is that whatever biological body I have, I think the thing that produces the intense or sexual feelings is if I think that another person is looking at me in a sexual sense. So if I was naked in a CFNM situation as a naked male (body) and I was looked at by men I probably wouldn’t feel turned on by that is I didn’t think they were sexually objectifying me but if a bunch of women saw me that would be much more humiliating. Likewise if I had a female body I feel like I would probably feel more awkward being in front of a group of men. I think the idea that people are viewing me as a sexual object is what produces the intensity of feeling. If they are looking at me neutral as just another naked person it doesn’t feel as awkward or as humiliating.

    I feel that if I were a naked man in a group of men who were gay or something or viewing me it would feel awkward but not in a sexually arousing sense since I wasn’t attracted to men as a man. In the sense of being a naked man in front of women I would feel sexually objectified and that would produce the intense feeling, if I had a female body and I was being sexually objectified by men it would feel validating as my female identity. I guess basically just because I identify with the female being present is what ultimately seems to be the deciding factor.

    Again, sex and gender, it is never simple!