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    Another thought along these lines is that being naked I felt was always a fundamentally submissive position but I think to a person who is confident being naked it can be a form of empowerment. But I think for most people, who are much more shy about their bodies or getting naked in public or in front of other people, being naked is sort of a disempowering thing. Clothing is like body armor that covers you up and make you blend into the crowd. If you are naked, particularly if you’re the only one naked, you are exposed with nothing to hide and you are vulnerable where anyone can see your body and touch it perhaps. As a person who also has a thing for tickling I think that goes quite well with nudity! But you stick out like a sore thumb (possibly red from blushing)and can’t hide from the stares of others.

    I do remember reading an article online that they did a study and they found that the less clothing that people are wearing the more other people tended to not take them seriously as well and started objectifying and dehumanizing them and questioning their competency. So I think in the speculative scenario that I proposed above if a person was forced to be naked all the time they would become like some type of permanent underclass, constantly subject to ridicule and harassment and constantly in a state of submission to all those around them, which can be exciting in its own way I suppose!

    Again I do think it has a lot to do with your attitude. If you are confident naked being naked can make you feel better about yourself, but for the majority of people who are not as confident about being seen naked, I think that having your clothing taken away is extremely embarrassing. But I also think that for the people around the naked person they might actually feel more confident because now the other person is that sort of a disadvantage.

    In considering my speculative scenario above I always consider the irony that I am incredibly shy at the idea of being naked, specifically in public or anything like that, but also just shy around people in general such as being shy at the idea of asking a woman out or something like that. The irony of my scenario is that if a person saw me naked all the time, it might make them feel more confident about approaching me. Personally I think if a woman saw a guy naked and blushing and embarrassed she would probably feel more confident in being a little bit cocky and going up to him!

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