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    What you said makes sense as the second kind definitely describes me perfectly. I would have thought that the other type about the confident nudist would be more common but I suppose now that I think about it kind of makes sense that the later would be more common. Most people have some type of inhibition surrounding nudity whether they want to or not and even if they have a desire to be seen naked would not willingly get naked in most situations even if it was a fantasy.

    Again the second type totally perfectly describes me as I am extremely submissive and I think that one of my primary kinks, or all of my kinks really seem to revolve around submission and humiliation.

    I have lots of fantasies that involve not getting naked willingly but perhaps getting caught naked and exposed in front of a large number of dressed women or being the unexpected victim of being made the surprise center of attention at a CFNM party. Stuff along those lines. Again stuff that I would never willingly enter into but if they happened I would be extremely excited and the fact that I would be visibly aroused by these situations would also double the humiliation of being naked.

    Then the more speculative form that it takes is a fantasy about a world where a virus renders a small percentage of men completely allergic to clothing forcing them to go around naked and I picture what I would do if I was afflicted with such a condition like that. I plan to write a full-blown novel about that one! Actually I did publish a CFNM novella (under a pseudonym) on a similar topic but I don’t know what the policy here is on advertising or promoting your own work so I won’t post it until I get an okay.

    But I actually think that this would be a good idea to get some statistics. Maybe there is some way to post a poll asking which type of nude exhibitionist category each individual falls into as it would be interesting to see which one is really more common.