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    I don’t know if it still applies, but on many French beaches they used to call them Nudist if nudity was mandatory (“Nudité obligatoire”), and “Naturist” if nudity was allowed. Of course, nudity was generally accepted on French beaches anyway, so “Zone Naturist” just mean normal beach.

    Exhibitionism does have a negative taint in society as a whole, conjuring up images of flashers and perverts. The thing is, most people find it fun and a thrill to see a streaker and many people have tried streaking, skinny dipping, taking part in a charity nude event or even playing a strip game. Some sports teams streak themselves as an initiation. People who wear skimpy or transparent clothing are demonstrating an exhibitionist streak (no pun intended!) and a lot of people enjoy seeing them. I find it hard to see it as harmful, offensive or a problem in any way.

    Like most things in life, so long as it isn’t taken too far, it’s enjoyable and usually completely harmless. Those who are offended by the naked bodies of others are a very small minority.

    I’ve spoken to many, many nudists over the past few years and the vast majority say there is that element of thrill to it, it’s a challenge at first, something quite out of the ordinary and they like being seen. I’ve spoken to some life-long nudists who still love to see other people naked, even though they have spent a large portion of the last few decades naked with lots of other naked people, it still gives them a buzz.

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