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    I think there’s a difference between (a) deciding to post an image of yourself that’s intended to attract virtual wolf-whistles (I like that analogy) and (b) just walking down a street minding your own business. Wolf-whistling someone who is just minding their own business in the street is much more like looking at hidden camera pictures, with the added factor that anyone being whistled at could very easily find that intimidating or even threatening.
    Someone intentionally posting carefully posed and controlled images of themselves is acting like a model or adult party performer or whatever. They may very well hear a wolf-whistle the same way that a musician would hear a round of applause. That’s very different from someone on their way to work or whatever especially when, certainly (but not exclusively) for women, there can be enormous pressure to look good at work, especially in a customer-facing or marketing role. Just think of all the noise in the press about female bank staff having to wear high heels as part of their uniform. That’s not about wanting wolf-whistles, that’s about wanting to keep your job in an environment where your male colleagues, workmates, juniors, bosses etc are told to wear very comfortable, practical, warm business suits.