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    @Prof Green
    I think these are all good points that I have considered in the numerous stories that I have written on the topic and now I will address each point that you have brought up from my personal standpoint.

    “People who are already naked will be used to it.”

    I don’t think that I would get used to it very easily, I am very used to wearing clothing!

    “Everyone will be used to seeing naked people in public places.”

    True but if only 1% of the population is affected that means in most public places where you are seen naked you will be the only one, so you will stand out, you will be a focus of attention wherever you happen to go.

    “Friends and partners of naked people will be used to everyone seeing their friend/partner naked.”

    True but it would still be a very weird feeling that every new person that you meet and probably hundreds of strangers every day are seeing you completely naked.

    “The interesting bit for me is what happens when someone first becomes allergic to clothing. How do they feel about having to go out naked? They can see they’re not the only one, but they’re in a small minority. Hardly anyone they know has seen them naked before.”

    To me I would find it extremely terrifying especially as I am a very shy person who tries not to draw attention to myself. As a person who only gets out of the house infrequently I could perhaps deal with it better than most but still the thought that every interaction that I am going to have a another person, particularly with members of the opposite sex, would just be excruciatingly embarrassing beyond words. And even if people who know you get used to you being naked every time you go out in public there will be dozens or hundreds of strangers who get to see every inch of you, so will always be a new experience of being seen naked by new people.

    And again the fact that it’s a small minority of people means that you will really stand out. Like I said if it’s only 1% of the public that is affected most of the places you go you will be the only one naked and you will be constantly drawing attention to yourself.
    I actually consider this in light of the fact that I am a very private, shy and introverted individual never approaches people in public that I don’t know. So when I think of this I feel like being a public nudist would be sort of like forcing me out of my shell and my comfort zone and forcing me to be more extroverted because when you are naked people will probably feel more confident about approaching you if they are dressed.

    I did think that maybe one of the benefits of this was that maybe I wouldn’t be single any longer. I don’t consider myself particular attractive but I think that there would be a large number of women who probably would be attracted to the fact that there was a person that they could be with you always got to be naked or who always had to be naked around them. Somehow I think that if you are completely dressed and you got to a guy who is naked I think that that would probably bolster your confidence because you basically have them as sort of like at your mercy I guess. I do feel that being naked is a very submissive position to be in.

    But you also have to consider one other thing, what type of person would want to be with a person who is naked all the time, probably somebody who really gets off on having them as arm candy or something like that. But I feel like regardless of how attractive you are if you are naked in public all of the time you’re probably going to get approached by a lot of people in general.
    Once again as a person who is very shy and somewhat unapproachable the idea of someone say in the bookstore just coming in talking me up would be extremely intimidating. I have to admit occasionally when I’ve been out in a public place I thought of just how I would react or how people would react if I was forced to go naked and I see these women around me and I think how would they react if I were naked and how many would approach me. I do feel like there are some people who would probably find it really fun to chat up a naked person because you are like a captive audience almost, and you can’t complain at them for looking at you because you are out there and on display and everything so every sort of interaction with another person becomes sort of like this thing where they are getting to see all of you.

    Once again though you still have to live your life so I suppose it wouldn’t change me that much, I would probably be a little bit more socially withdrawn in my house and everything, but given that I only get out occasionally I suppose every time that I did get out would probably be quite the adventure!

    “If a man has a platonic female friend, how do they start to cope with her being naked when they’re together?”

    That would be really awkward because in general even if things were platonic it’s hard not to get excited by a naked woman like that!

    But I always put myself in the position of the naked person and how awkward it would be to be the naked man in a situation like that. In fact when I think about the scenario I often think what if the virus that made you allergic to clothing was gender specific, say if it only affected biologically male people and how that specifically would be like an entire other ballgame and I’ve given this aspect probably the most thought of all.

    The way I see it if the virus was gender specific and it only affected women that that would be a horrible thing for those women affected because they would be constantly harassed and assaulted and everything like that, but if the virus had only affected men it would probably just result in a lot of embarrassment so would be comparatively more benign. I also think it would result in male nudity becoming sort of the norm and normalized and would perhaps be somewhat empowering to women in some degree over the fact that now all of the attention would be focused on naked men rather than naked women.

    I actually chatted about this with someone who is big into feminism and she said that she really applauded the idea of all of those men being naked and we came to the interesting conclusion that is incredibly embarrassing as it would be it would feel like the proper feminist response would be for the men who were affected to just sort of suck it up and deal with it seeing as women have had to deal with that since the beginning of time, so I would feel like a whiner if I sort of complained about it and I feel like I would be forced to develop a thicker skin about it, but it would still be kind of hard to deal with because it would still be very embarrassing the fact that I was being seen naked!

    I also talked to a woman who had body dysmorphic disorder and she admitted that she would probably feel a lot better about her body up there were a bunch of naked men walking around all the time.

    Most of my friends are online and the fence that I do have off-line I don’t see very often so it probably wouldn’t be a huge issue, and most of the women I know outside of my family are pretty open-minded and sex positive about these things and would probably find it a source of humor more than anything else but there is this one woman that I knew back in college and all I can think about is if that happened to me then oh my God it’s almost unimaginable! I actually wrote a story about this as the premise.

    There was this woman I knew in college named Kirsten, really attractive, we were just sort of friends and everything but I thought that maybe if I had been less shy maybe something would have developed. But she was really bright, very very progressive, and ultraliberal all around, huge feminist and everything, the very model of a social justice warrior, just to put this thing into perspective.

    Although things were always just platonic between us I can’t imagine or I can almost imagine how things might have been different if I had suddenly been forced to be naked all the time. In particular I would find it rather ironic because I remember there was this one time that I think about now where she was wearing this like really revealing shirt that really really accentuated her cleavage, like you don’t want to seem like a pig but if you look at her it’s impossible not to notice it because she had really big breasts and everything and it was like so hard not to stare.

    And now years later when I think of this scenario all I can think of is all my God what would it have been like if I was staring at her like that but that she was staring at me like completely naked. It would just be like unimaginably awkward and embarrassing.

    But the thing about her that was really great is that she was really nurturing and accepting of everything, but she is the kind of person who would probably take up the cause for the naked minority, so it would be kind of awkward to have this female friend who is like this is my naked friend everywhere we go together and basically just yukking it up and everything like that. And I think that she would probably have had a lot of fun with saying that she was a naked men’s rights advocate as on the one hand she is trying to help these people, but on the other hand I think that she would probably really enjoy the fact that she gets to be around a guy who is naked all the time.

    That is where I think a lot of the people afflicted with nudity would probably have a hard time having simply platonic relationships with the opposite sex. Because although you can keep it Platonic and everything when that person is naked and all of their parts out on display it’s kind of hard not to get turned on by the and over time I think would be hard not to think of them and it sort of a sexual manner. But that actually sort of brings us to the next point that you brought up.

    “If a newly-naked man is married, how does his wife feel about everyone seeing him naked?”

    I think that it would vary based on the woman with some women being jealous, but I think that there would probably be a certain class of women who really just absolutely love it or would want to exclusively date a naked man because she could parade him around basically is arm candy wherever she went. And if you see two people and you see a woman wearing clothes and the man completely naked you assume that the woman is the one quite literally wearing the pants in the relationship! You see her as the one in charge and it’s impossible not to be sort of deferential to her because people are seeing her in a nonsexual light where everywhere you go everyone is looking at you and thinking that’s that woman’s arm candy, sort of advertising to the world I’ve got a naked guy around my arm here!

    I’m not married but if I were and I were forced to go naked all the time my wife got to stay dressed in public I couldn’t help but feel extraordinarily submissive to her. I mean it would be weird even having a conversation where she is always dressed in getting to see every inch of you, and the sexual tension would be probably through the roof quite honestly. I mean in polite society when both people are dressed you are not thinking about sex, but if you had a spouse who is always naked in public it’s kind of hard to not be constantly thinking about the fact that they are naked.

    So when it comes down to it as I think that a naked man married to a woman who gets to keep her clothing on would definitely be a very female dominant relationship. Even if they weren’t into that is sort of a kink, I think it would just naturally fall into that pattern of the woman taking the lead and being the one who is taken seriously.

    “Does it make people more equal, so is a newly naked boss still seen as the boss? Is a newly naked low-level employee now seen as even more low-level? Or does being naked bring automatic respect, so is a newly naked low-level employee now gets treated better?”

    Honestly I think that naked would become sort of the new minority and they would probably be discriminated against unfortunately. It’s a idea as a fantasy but when you think about the practical realities of it you have to figure that people will probably see the naked people as outcasts, because although it would be nice to think that humanity could be mature about it even I have to admit if I saw a person naked in public all I would be thinking about is the fact that they were naked. Even if I got to know them as a person I would still be thinking first and foremost that the nudity was like one of the most defining aspects of their existence.

    I mean I think that that would be a major adjustment for me because I am used to being taken seriously I’m used to being a very private person so for everyone to think of me first and foremost as a that’s that naked guy would just be so awkward and embarrassing. Being a minority group that is defined by the fact that you are naked and that everybody views you and objectified as you like that would probably be a harder stigma to overcome than any other type that had ever existed in all honesty.

    And admittedly is kind of hard to be mature about the fact that there would be an entire segment of society that was awkward and embarrassed and naked in public all the time. I have a good self-deprecating sense of humor but this would certainly be a lot to take! I think it would be like a major focus of attention is something like this happened so those who are afflicted would probably never be able to overcome the stigma or ever to escape from it. Everyone would be paying attention to them everywhere they go.

    “(When the experiments start being oversubscribed, it would be interesting to include someone who had never (as an adult) been naked before in front of anyone.)”

    That’s me! You see that’s precisely why I think that this situation in this scenario that I am describing would be so intense. I am literally the most private person ever who is completely inexperienced with any of this stuff and no sexual experience, so the idea of just being naked in public everywhere I go for the rest of my life, again I have good self-deprecating humor but that would be a lot to take!

    I have actually talked about this with a couple of people and a written a lot of stories about it but somebody thought it was actually pretty funny the idea of someone like me having to deal with something like that. A person who was an exhibitionist to a nudist would just blow it off and there would be nothing big deal about it, but to me who has never been seen naked by another human being to be a public nudist like that, I think a lot of people would probably find that absolutely hilarious to see, and I couldn’t get mad at them because situation reversed I would probably find it hilarious as well.

    And going back to what I said about sort of sucking it up and growing a thicker skin, one of the points that came up in that conversation was that the person thought it would be nice if all of the macho arrogant guys afflicted with it and ended up being humiliated and humbled, but then they thought that since I am genuinely already kind of very shy and not arrogant or not macho at all, seeing me have to deal with being completely naked in every interaction I ever have with a woman for the rest of my life would be quite a sight to see!

    Also all things considered I put a pretty uninteresting and boring life, and is excruciatingly embarrassing as the situation would be it would certainly make things a lot more interesting, that’s for sure. In fact when you look at all of the depressing things going on in the world I think something like this happening would actually be something more lighthearted and amusing, maybe it would end up taking focus away from more important things, but on some level I think it might be more easy to difficult with hey there are a bunch of naked guys around and watching all of the women laugh at that than having to despair over the fact that the world has gone crazy. In an age of social media and craziness I can only imagine how much something like a nudity virus or a clothing allergy would introduce to the world. Again for those affected it would be no laughing matter, but for the world as a whole, purely hilarious! Though again, to be the focus of the world’s comic relief, I mean I can be self-deprecating, but still, wow…

    Also sites like these might be a LOT more active….

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