2 thoughts on “To the Inventor of the Sea

  1. I sometimes wonder if NE should get into art. We have plenty of men here willing to get naked but not enough women. Maybe if we did something that could be described as art, many more women would be prepared to get involved naked?

  2. I’ve often thought the safest and easiest way to get naked with a group of relative strangers would be through an experimental theatre group. Of course that depends on living near enough to a theatre which runs workshops, but I assume most of them do some sort of outreach activity to convince their funders they are working with local communities. “Experimental” may be a bit of a niche though, and “Experimental” and “Naked” may not happen every week.
    If we (people on this site) were going to do something, we’d need to somehow convince participants that we weren’t just trying to get them naked, but we had something that other artists would find interesting. Nothing comes to mind unfortunately. Maybe we could organise a series of workshops to see what came out of them, but we’d have the usual (and real) problems of finding time and travel distance, unless we could do something online. We’d need a strong clear theme and ideally an organisation that people had heard of prepared to put their name on it as a supporter.

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