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      I thought of a challenge idea recently, then discovered someone had already done it!

      Basically it’s the idea of being asleep, and suddenly waking up from a nightmare in which you were in a position where you were the only one naked.

      Of course, you wake up and you are safe at home, in bed, clothed or whatever. But what was the nightmare situation that you found yourself in? What is the situation you’d absolutely hate to be naked within?

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      I have plenty of dreams where I find myself naked and being the only one naked in a public situation, and when I realize I am dreaming they can be kind of exciting since I realize that it’s not happening for real. But basically any type of situation where I was the only one naked for real would be terrifying but also really exciting, which is the conflict. I actually wrote one story once about a person who is having a lucid dream where they were naked and they found that they couldn’t wake up from that dream and that they were actually in the head of a woman who enjoyed seeing him naked.

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