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      These images are of Judith-Marie Bergan playing the abductee in a 1975 film called Abduction. In the first image, her character’s partial nakedness is obviously non-consensual. She is being filmed and the resulting home movie will be sent to her family to reinforce a ransom demand. In the second image, she has been ordered to strip so that a woman can caress her, again so that the film can be sent home. In the third scene, she has undressed herself and told her captors she wants to make love with both of her male kidnappers.

      The first two scenes are entirely about the men (out of shot in image 1) and a woman (image 2) proving by stripping her naked and having sex with her that she is fully in their power. By the final image, she is fighting back and using her body to help herself gain entry into the gang that had kidnapped her.

      So is this just a sexploitation flick, made with the aim of getting the actress naked to sell more cinema seats, or is it really doing what I’ve suggested above and exploring nakedness and power?

      (If it reminds you a bit of the Patty Hearst story, the book was written before Hearst was kidnapped but the film was released very quickly to cash in on the Hearst story as soon as it happened.)

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