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      There’s something quite different about being naked when those around you are still fully clothed. It’s psychologically different and means different things to different people. What are your experiences of it?

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      I can’t speak from experience but I can honestly say it would be hugely different psychologically speaking. I mean when everybody’s naked you don’t stand out as muchm but when you are the only one naked it feels like the other person is in such a position of power over you because you are so exposed and vulnerable. To me the only one naked experience is just far more intense than a situation where there is mutual nudity.

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      I like the dressed woman’s top. Maybe wearing a see-through top is more challenging than going topless. Topless has a word for it, and it’s what people do on the beach and men can do anywhere, but wearing a see-through top is certainly making a statement.

      It would be a good dare to give someone, and a good experiment.

      A man would need to wear a see-through boiler suit or similar. A woman might look better dressed as she is in the photo.

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