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          That’s something else I’ve never thought about – using nakedness in meditation. I wonder if that’s also part of the purpose of naked yoga. I’d always assumed that naked yoga was mainly about freedom of movement and body awareness, like being naked (or nearly naked) at the gym, but this film definitely adds another dimension. It’s interesting also that the two models have such different bodies and are talking in different ways. That contrast adds something to the meditation, I imagine.

          This also makes me think again about some of the “is this art?” films we’ve discussed in the past. Perhaps “is this spiritual?” might be a better question sometimes.

          It also makes me think about the different way the breeze feels when shaved or unshaved. I wonder how this model (I assume she’s a model) feels the wind and the rock and what she hears from the trees, and how that changes over time if she stays there long enough. (Now I’m sounding much too much like a hippy!) How different would it be for her if she had shaved? She has tanlines so how does it feel to sit there for a while with her nipples exposed to the elements, especially if she’s not used to that sensation?

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