Feeling naked

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      This is a “Naked Gardener” from Youtube. She uses her nakedness to represent her views on organic, minimal impact, sustainable, simple gardening. She starts her gardening tutorial videos with distant shots, filmed from behind, of her running topless through her garden. Occasionally she has some closer shots, examples attached. I don’t know if this will be obvious in the attached photos, but her black dress is extremely thin and can easily be seen through with the light behind it or shining against it. She wears it by itself, and it’s revealing enough to show that she’s naked underneath it. Wearing it must feel naked – it’s very thin and light – but from a bit of a distance it looks like a normal dress.

      • For a woman, is this an answer to the problem of wanting to be naked but not wanting to be exposed?
      • For a man, is there any way of achieving the same effect? I doubt it, but perhaps very thin linen shorts would work?
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      I used to take two buses to the beach in just a sarong, tee and flipflops about an hour long journey including 20 mins in a cafe waiting for my connection.

      When i worked in a naturist campsite, you weren’t allowed to serve behind the bar nude. So again wore a sarong.

      <span style=”text-align: right;”>As a life model, i wear a thin gown at breaks.</span>


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