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The website isn’t an official site for any ride, it’s the English speaking umbrella site for the world. There are other sites for other languages. Eg ciclonudista.

The umbrella website does not tell each individual ride what to do and vice versa.

Each individual ride is run by volunteers and it’s up to them how they promote it, many don’t let the umbrella site know, because they have other jobs to do like making sure the ride is safe, complying with local rules, publicising the event and having a good working relationship with the police.

It needs to be pointed most rides want people to participate and don’t want people turning up to just take photos. In fact some rides frown upon it so much they cordon off the start and finish. I must admit it’s very disconcerting, threatening and intimidating when you start to strip off and you have camera lenses pointing at you without the slightest bit of a hello or asking is it okay to take a photo.

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