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You’re not alone on that one, @seasider.

Currently, there are 0 females on the waiting list for experiments. It seems whatever I do, the ratio just gets worse and worse (not that it can get any worse right now.)


We keep falling into the same pattern. 1 or 2 women sign up. They tell me they are keen to take part and happy to be verified. The verification keeps being delayed. Eventually, 1 will get verified but then, afterwards tells me that they’ve got fed up of waiting for other women to get involved and drops out. The other one usually either disappears without trace, or turns out to be male.

To be honest, I’m getting depressed about this. It’s been over a year since the last experiment (Covid was a major factor there) and the future isn’t looking too positive.

When I set out on this, after speaking to many, many people, I genuinely believed we could be doing 1-2 experiments every month, trying out all sorts of variations and maybe getting some of them released on video. I’m not interested in male-only experiments and I think that would put women off the community permanently.

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