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Preserving anonymity of course, but are the majority of votes that have been cast in previous vote off events by the participants or by others?

If, say, the number of voters far exceeds the number of participants then there is a desire from the community to ensure the volunteers are stripped – and can presumably be thought to prefer the immediacy of the participants being current members. Hmm, perhaps participants should be more “vocal” on the site at how the event is going..?

If the voters are mainly the participants, then that may say something about the popularity of the contest as a website funds raising activity and also the viability of future Naked Experiment activities where there could be a cost to the participants.

For me, I wouldn’t feel it necessary to pay to vote on “old photos”. I recall the times you tried that with free votes and it was tough to get enough votes each time for that!

I think there was the most interaction on the site with the weekly challenge…?