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I know that there are lots of nudists whoo get really comfortable with being naked and don’t find anything sexual about it at all but I think that for the average person it’s hard to take away the association with nudity from sexual arousal.

Like I know that if I were naked in a situation with others naked or even more so if I was the only one naked among dressed people I would find there to be an incredible sexual charge to that, and I would find it arousing no matter what. Even if I was humiliated and was trying to get out of that situation, in fact especially if I was, I would find that even more arousing, and the fact that I could be visibly aroused would make the situation even more arousing which would just compound the problem!

Again I think that a lot of people maybe get used to it over time after they have been used to being naked around other people, but to me I feel like being naked would always carry that sexual charge to it, again more so if you are the only one naked and the center of attention because everybody is focusing on you sexually, you stand out in the crowd. If everyone were naked I feel you can kind of blend in and there isn’t as much of an erotic charge, but when you are the only one naked all focus is on you and the fact that you are naked, people are seeing you as a body, as flesh, as a sexual being, whereas the people who are wearing clothing are comfortably covered up and you there isn’t that erotic charge to the situation.

To me I think that being the one naked would probably be more embarrassing. I mean if I saw a woman naked in front of me and I was dressed I think that I would feel a little bit embarrassed about it because I would be finding her attractive and getting turned on and everything like that, but if I was naked and she was the one who was dressed I would feel much more awkward because I would be the one who is the focus of all the sexual attention. She’d be comfortably dressed but is likely thinking “ha that guy’s nekkid!”

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