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I’ll share mine that happened just recently.

like I’ve said in previous forums, I am very shy with my nudity and being seen naked. But being naked in public/ streaking is something I want to do. At my house I have a decent sized back yard, that has a few acres of land with it. I have neighbors on both sides and just a thin row of trees separating our yard from each other. Usually, if I wanted to streak outside I would have more cover. But some recent tree removal and new neighbors have caused that to be an issue. I have before ran outside naked in broad daylight, but that was only about 10 yards at most, and I was covering myself with my hands the entire time. This time though, I was determined to have a more real experience. Come nightfall, I turned off my outside lights so basically no one could see me. I then stripped off inside my house and took a step outside. I did have shoes on, but besides that I was as naked as I could be. Carefully, looking around, I kept my hands down low. To my shock my neighbors must have had company leaving, and their headlights were piecing the trees that separate up. Luckily for me. My house provided cover, so there was no real worry there. After they left, I first retraced my previous 10 yard dash, before then running around the perimeter of my backyard! God it was so thrilling and nerve wracking, my hands swapped back from covering myself to staying at my side depending on my mood. After I completed the run I wanted to do more, but, I realized I shouldn’t get to careless. Next time, I’d like to do my front yard, which is the side that not only has more lighting but also is right on the street. But, that is a story for another day!

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