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    When I was in my late teens, and if the house was empty, I’d wait until dark, strip all my clothes off and see how far I’d dare go out into the garden.  We had a long garden back then, but initially I’d only go a few yards then dash back into the house.  But each time the thrill got bigger, so I’d stray further down the garden, completely naked.  One evening a neighbour heard me and shone a torch out of the bedroom window, trying to find who was out there.  I had to duck down in the dirt behind a bush, unseen, completely nude, heart pounding, seeing the torch shine over me.  I had to wait what seemed like hours as the torch scanned the end of our garden, but it was only minutes. Eventually she gave up, switched off the torch and shut the window.  I ran back to the house, exhilarated and turned on, as the thought of being caught was arousing to say the least. xx

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