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    I’ll start off.
    <p class=”q-text qu-display–block”>Depending on which door I took outside I would immediately find cover, I would also probably begin becoming super red and pray that no one is coming over to my house to do work here. I would then consider my options. Let’s just say for the sake of simplicity I am home alone and no one is coming here for a couple of days.</p>

      <li class=”q-relative”>Make a run for my shed covering myself grab a towel from there, wrap myself with it and then go to my garage door and type in the code of my key fob getting inside that way.
      <li class=”q-relative”>If my neighbors are in their back yards and will easily see my on my way to my shed I can always just try to get to the garage door without a towel, problem is it is in view of the entire street and the likely hood of a car, jogger, or group of people walking when I just so happen to do that is there. Depending on the time of day the risk of getting caught will lower if it gets dark, so that might be the plan for then.
      3. The worst case scenario is if the batteries in the key fob are dead and the shed is locked, that means I have to get access to a phone somehow which means finding someone to help me while entirely naked. I have three sets of immediate neighbors that I could consider, one older couple that I know the best. Another couple with young girls that I know a bit better, and a group of new parents that I know almost nothing about. It would be the LEAST embarrassing I suppose if I went over to the older couple, after all they know what a naked man looks like and no doubt will help me in my Shame, after all they are both really nice and helpful. They also know that I typically don’t do this and wouldn’t think I am a pervert. I still would try to cover the best I can and hope that their daughters that are a bit older than my 18 year old self aren’t there because that would be crazy embarrassing especially since I had a crush on one of them. If they aren’t home, I would go to the couple that I know a bit better. The worst part is there door is facing the street so if I knock on it (because sneaking around the back when naked is just asking to get shot or arrested) I already run that risk there. Then again it is the same with the older couple. The wife usually is outside though with her girls, so I would try to hide myself the best I can and explain the situation to her. I assume she would blush and smile at my embarrassed nudity and maybe try to sneak a peak but I have no idea, my worse fear though is that her girls would get “curious” as to why a naked man is hiding in their bushes and try to get a better view. All going well, she would help me and hopefully her husband does the same and we all laugh about it. The last place I would want to go is the new neighbors, because nothing says “hi I’m your neighbor” like a naked man covering himself on your doorstep

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