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    I had that opportunity once: woman named Terri at work about 10 years older than me, worked in our staff restaurant.  She was tall, slender and I fancied her like anything.  We got on really well…one day she said she was organizing a 21st birthday party for one of the girls who worked for her and was going to hire a male stripper but couldn’t find one (this long before the internet!).  I blurted our that I’d do it.

    The week before, I was fantasising about it…she asked me to wear my suit and intimated that the girls (about 12 of them) might get a bit hands-on.  I said fine, but I’d need a few drinks and somewhere to stay.  Terri said I could stay over at her house (where the party was being held) and that her husband was away.

    We went over what she wanted me to do (let them strip me naked) and she intimated she might get a bit hands-on, too.

    I was nervous and excited and couldn’t wait!

    Alas, two days before the party, she took me aside and said that one of the girls had booked a proper male stripper.

    ”I still want you to come to the party though?” Terri said but I didn’t want to be in competition with a muscular, oiled pro so I bailed.  Terri was disappointed and I’ve regretted it ever since.  If only that stripper hadn’t been booked?  The thought of being stripped nude by a group of drunken girls and women remains a fantasy!

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