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    “Would you rather be caught naked by group of other men, or a group of women?”

    • Ideally a mixed group but otherwise women.

    “Would you rather be caught naked by a total stranger, or somebody that you know?”

    • Either experience would be ok but for different reasons. Being caught by a stranger doesn’t pose any particular problems. Being caught by someone I know might change the relationship for better or worse.

    “Would you rather be in a situation, where you’re walking around the house naked, and your wife comes home with her friends, and they see you, or would you rather be skinny dipping and have your clothes stolen?”

    • I suspect I would get the blame in the house but the thief would get the blame outside, so on that basis having my clothes stolen is preferable.

    “Would you rather have a naked picture of you online for a the world to see, or a video of you dancing naked online for the world to see?”

    • Photos can be closely studied but videos are more likely to be watched like a mini-movie. I think making a movie probably gives me more control over how I’m seen,and it would still work if it was more distant and a bit fuzzy, so probably the video.

    “Would you rather be caught naked alone, or with friends in the same situation as you?”

    • Does “caught naked … with friends” mean someone unexpected has arrived at the party? It would depend who it was but my main concern would be if they were upset about not being invited.

    “Would you rather be in a situation where you lose your swimsuit in the waves at the beach, or have your swimsuit stolen?”

    • Both the same for me, I think

    “Would you rather be handcuffed naked to a pole in a church parking lot, or would you rather be naked on a stage in front of thousands of people!”

    • I’d enjoy both of these! An audience of thousands is no problem at all – it would feel quite anonymous. Although I’d enjoy being handcuffed naked in a parking lot, it would be disrespectful to do that in a church, unless it was at night as part for a dare or forfeit when church people weren’t likely to be around.

    “Would you rather never be aloud to were clothes for the rest of your life, or be forced to make a public appearance in the nude every week for five years?”

    • I can’t picture either of these situations so I don’t know

    “Would you rather be forcibly stripped by a group of women, who leave you bare, or would you rather be in a situation where you’re about to have sex with a woman who handcuffed you to the bed and just leaves you naked?”

    • Definitely the first one. The second has no appeal.

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