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    As usual, I couldn’t work out what was going on. I liked the way it looked visually with lots of carefully worked out shapes being formed by the bodies. The dancing made sense and the woman miming (I think) with the mouth harp provided a good focus, almost a narrator. I liked her costume too! I’m just as intrigued by male nudity as female, so no problem with the naked guy. Typical bloody man, though, keeping his socks on.

    I wouldn’t use words like exhibitionism or explicit. The performance did seem to be about his body, or the way it was being treated, but he was never in undue closeup, and the other performers were just as involved as he was. I don’t know how I would define “explicit”. Maybe if something is too explicit, namely not implicit enough, the unsubtlety takes something – maybe quite a lot – away from the performance , but nothing about this seemed explicit in that sense. It was certainly intrusive for the man though. Maybe having his body used in that way was part of the point.

    If I had the body and the moves, and if I understood what it was about, I’d probably be happy to join in but that’s a lot of “ifs”, too many for me to be able to identify with him really.