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Hi Susan

longest i have been, consecutively, naked is for 2 weeks, at a resort in France (La Jenny).   The experience was in short exhirating to think that the only thing you had to put on was a smile, and keep at bay was a hard lol ;-)… its a family resort, so not much wold happen other than you would expect to do on a family holiday, except every one was naked 24/7.   On the occasions we did venture ont the beach in the evening, things sometimes took a different avenue.   But the most telling occasion, was when we met my wifes friend and hubby; there was definitely some blushes then lmao.  Firstly, as you’ve already noticed i (& Wife) are both smooth; her friend & hubby wern’t; so that was a talking point, after the girls apparent moments of shock !, secondly was the piercings, me PA & wife nipples… that drew attention form both of them…. but what did have them in a jaw drop expression, was when i got hard (& i mean hard); that my wife just took hold and deflated me, in front of them.

Her friend, didn’t (apparently) know where to look, but she definitely looked lol, and her husband had to get up ans walk off.

The, later, discussion point was along the lines of, how could my wife hold onto a hard on, whilst talking to her girlfriend as if nothing was unusual…. Made me grin

xxx Paddy