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Is it possible to include Location on the information relating to the poster beside each of their posts? Where number of posts etc is? That will help identify those close to a member.

Lovation is required in the profile completion, and is already mentioned as being visible to everyone – but very difficult and time consuming to find.

To complete the week 6 challenge, I did have to travel for 4 hours (round trip) but was also covering off a couple of other things at the same time, and the other guy isn’t in this community but was willing to attempt to recreate that “hand between legs” pose outdoors as part of a pre arranged photo shoot.

Bonus points for such extensions to the base challenge works for me. But then we don’t know the leaderboard and are any of us really doing it for the points – what’s the prize for being at the top of the leaderboard? Other than respect from the other members….