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    “We were friends and although we kept it that way, we did dare games occasionally and had both seen oach other naked. Were the roles reversed she would have picked me to go naked and would have expected nothing less from me.”

    It’s good that you had that rapport before that so it would probably be a lot less awkward once the caveat was revealed that one of you had to be naked because you are already comfortable with each other.

    When I think back to all of the women that I considered as part of this experiment again I couldn’t picture myself putting any of them through that since I knew them mostly as casual friends or platonically, but it would be very interesting to see if the decision was there is what decision they would make. With a pick me out of the desire to see me naked, over the fact that they didn’t want me to see them naked or a combination of both?

    Again it’s sort of a question that I guess I will never have answered but is certainly something interesting to think about. But all of the women that I mentioned were extremely liberal, sex positive and were not pushovers so I feel that there’s a good chance that a lot of them would choose me to be the naked one and not feel any shame about it, and that’s something I can respect, even though God it would be embarrassing!

    In fact based of what I know of the women that I would have selected for this experiment without knowing the caveat in advance I feel pretty confident at least three of them out of the four that I was thinking of would probably vote for me to be the one naked. The girls I knew in high school I think were little bit pervy and not ashamed about it so they probably wouldn’t have had a problem with that, Bonner I have actually talked about these things with so she could probably pick that without feeling guilt especially seeing as she has body issues.

    The one I am really not sure about though is the one that I knew in college. She was very liberal and progressive and everything so maybe she wouldn’t mind the idea of getting naked and wouldn’t have a problem with doing that to make me feel comfortable, but on the other hand she had large breasts and could have been self-conscious about it so it’s hard to say.

    Again though I think that most people are human and most people don’t want other people to think that they are perverts and yet I think most people if given the choice between being naked around the opposite sex or having the opposite sex be naked around them a lot of people probably would pick the selfish decision and make the other person naked and I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with that.

    It is an interesting idea though and I am actually now using it as a basis for a novel I am writing except I made one of the horrible things is that after everyone picks their choices the experimenter tells everybody that it was random selection even though some people pick the other person to get naked so they sort of voted their conscience and now have to live with the consequences of that.
    But the caveat is interesting because it really does tell you a lot about a person whether they would pick you to be naked with them to be naked and whether or not you would know that you picked them or not, and that’s what the fascinating thing about it is for me.