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    “There’s a girl called Clare I used to know and we were such good friends that we didn’t want to wreck it by having a relationship, she would absolutely have been the right person for this.”

    You see if you didn’t want to have any kind of relationship I would think that this type of situation would be incredibly awkward! Remember the rules of the game are if you pick them to be naked they will know that you picked them where as if you are the one who gets naked they will never know so there will be no blame. If you didn’t want to have a relationship don’t you think she would find it a little bit weird or awkward that you picked her to be naked specifically?

    When I actually answered this question on the other board where the person brought it up I actually misinterpreted the rules the first time where the idea is that you are supposed to pick someone that you would just like to spend a year with and only afterwards do you realize the horrible twist that you will be naked!

    In the end though I found that it still wouldn’t change my attitude. Regardless of the woman that I picked I would feel like a total pig if she had to get naked and she knew that I wanted her to, where as if I was naked and she just thought that it was just random chance it would probably be a source of amusement and there would be no guilt involved.

    It also probably would be good because it would probably force me to confront my own extreme shyness. I do think it would be a little bit more embarrassing if I had to get her naked and everything like that and she knew about it where as if I was just embarrassed by being naked around her it would feel more guilt free because I would be the one where the naked burden was placed upon.

    I am thinking that this perhaps goes with my Myers-Briggs personality type INFJ, they prefer to make others feel comfortable and take the discomfort of a situation onto themselves and I wouldn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable by having to be naked even though it would be a very uncomfortable and very embarrassing thing for me to be!

    Looking at what @David said I think that there is sort of the pressure to do the right thing and be the gentlemanly thing and not seem like a paid by taking advantage of the situation, which is why I would find it would be funny if the decision was hers and I would try to be a gentleman by imposing the nudity on me rather than on her, but it would be funny to see if she was just a total pig and decided to get the naked even though I would know she wanted me like that as that would probably make the whole situation really more awkward than anything else. It’s one thing if she thinks that you are just naked because of random choice, it’s another thing if she thinks that she is naked because of you being a pig, but it’s another thing altogether, but a whole other world to be with a woman who is totally unashamed about the fact that she has no problem with putting you in the uncomfortable position of being naked for her amusement. Personally I think that takes guts! Again maybe a double standard where a woman who be more forgiven for choosing her own pleasure.