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    I think it’s mainly luck, and there are probably more exhibitionists around than we normally notice. From Ed’s list,

    • Naked flatmate – one of my school friends had an older sister (late teens?) who was sometimes naked in another room with the door ajar. One time, she came in the room where we were, allegedly to look for something she needed.
    • Wanting to be a model – a friend-of-a-friend came to visit one of my housemates and very politely asked permission to take her jeans and jumper off for a while so that she could get used to the feeling. She was wearing a thin vest and slightly see-through knickers. We all sat in the garden for the afternoon.
    • Naked neighbour – The house behind ours used to be rented out to students. One year, one of them used to leave the curtains open while she got ready for a shower and then dried off afterwards. She liked her boyfriend to undress her in front of the window. I assume he stripped her naked, but the windowsill was above her waist height unfortunately. I remember that (a) she had quite big boobs, and (b) he always wore a towel round his neck under his dressing gown. I don’t know why these memories have equal weight in my head!!

    I had a near-miss once. My wife’s work had a christmas meal out and it was also one of the guy’s birthdays. After the meal, the women were trying to decide who should show him her boobs as a birthday present. His wife and one other woman said it couldn’t be them as he’d seen them already. At this point, my wife decided it was time to leave, which was very unfortunate timing. I expect she was afraid she’d either have to flash her boobs or be the one who said “no” and spoiled the party, so I don’t blame her but I definitely missed out on a brief treat.


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