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Yes, creepiness is interesting. I think it relates closely to giving consent, and the reason the game is happening. A group of old men stripping a young woman does sound creepy, and I’d want to spend time establishing ground-rules. That sounds formal and boring but it means we all understand what we’re doing, why and how. The only real example I can think of is when a young woman – a friend of a friend – knew that we played (mixed) stripgames and wanted to join in to get revenge on her boyfriend for something he’d done or not done. In the end, she forgave him and changed her mind about the game. If the game had gone ahead, did we have a good enough excuse to strip her? How would she have felt if the timeline had worked out differently and she ended up joining in before regretting it and forgiving him? Speaking as a creepy old pervert, I would have loved to see her naked but speaking as a responsible adult(!?!?!?!?!) it wouldn’t have been a good idea.

Taking completely the same situation but as a fictional video, I don’t have a problem with it at all. The young actress is doing a job and the relationship is contractual, not personal. I’m being inconsistent here though. If the character is being stripped so that the actress playing her can pay off her debts, is that really the best way for her to do that? But that’s a different topic.

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