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“I think there is a sex thing in this too. I’d probably be more uncomfortable taking a ladies clothes off than a man’s. I also think there is more in the experiment of doing this too (or having someone do this to you) of the same sex. If Its not part of your normal behaviour then it makes it more interesting for both.”

I wouldn’t enjoy undressing another man or vice versa, but if I were undressing a woman I have to admit the sexual aspect of it would make me feel kind of creepy. If she was undressing me though and I feel that she would be in the one a position of control and that it would be kind of more, I don’t know to seems like more fair I guess. I guess putting the man in the vulnerable position is sort of safer than putting the woman in the vulnerable position. I think that’s what attracts me to CFNM is that it keeps the women in the position of control over the situation. I’m also very shy and passive so it would be easier for someone else to undress me.

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