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I like hearing other peoples experiences, mainly so I can reassure myself I’m not a complete nutter! I think I must have played a more-than-average number of domestic stripgames in the past but I never really got very far into the nightclub nudity/public stripgame scene. I haven’t yet done anything like WNBR or Spencer Tunick or Tiger Streak or a naked protest or a fundraiser, and I haven’t been a film extra or played a naked character in amateur dramatics. I’ve been naked on the beach and in the countryside. I’ve done some dares, but overall my experience of total exposure is limited to being naked on my own or with friends (and family, but let’s not go there!!)

I think part of what this site does is help people join the naked world. I wouldn’t have done some of the outdoor dares we did here a few years ago without the community support, and I’m glad I did them. I haven’t joined in with the current dare challenges but the same comment would apply. Maybe we could ask people who do the dares to tell us about what it was like to do them. That could encourage members to share their experiences.

Meanwhile, here’s something I wouldn’t have done without the excuse this community gave me. There’s not much of a story to go with it, but I can explain it if anyone wants to know…

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