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I wonder why she didn’t mention she was a naturist. Has she got so used to being naked indoors that she doesn’t realise it’s unusual? Is she making a point about her right to be naked? Is she testing her new flatmate to see how she reacts? If so, I assume she wants her to think everything is normal.

(I remember a female friend was trying to get the attention of a mutual male friend. She asked me if it would help if she paraded round naked in front of him. I should have said I wasn’t sure and could she try it with me.)

If I want to live with a naked woman, and if one has just moved into my flat, it would be a shame to fail her test so she moves out again.

The only time I went to a strip club (by mistake, honest!), me and the guy I was with couldn’t work out if it was ruder to avoid the dancer’s gaze or make eye contact. With hindsight, I’m sure she didn’t care.

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