POLL: Have you ever played a strip game in person?

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Have you ever played a strip game in person?

Playing online games and computer games don't count for this poll. Also, please don't include games played when you were a kid (eg under 16).

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  • No
  • Yes and ended up naked
  • Yes but didn't end up naked

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    Trying to get a feel for how many people have done this.

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    Far too often. We started as kids but even now it’s the easy option when we get together. We’re much too old for it now but who cares?! We normally adapt board games but it’s quite unusual for anyone to end up completely naked that way. Yahtzee (a dice game) gets everyone naked in the end so the loser does a forfeit, typically an outdoor chore like refilling the bird feeder or, just recently, picking apples. Things that need the naked person to reach above their head. We tried sending someone up a ladder once but it wasn’t a pretty sight!

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    No, but I’m not opposed to the idea as long as it doesn’t involve ending with a lewd forfeit

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