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    Depending on the context, the erotic side to nakedness is part of the fun so I agree – saying the two are never connected is doing a dis-service to nakedness and to erotica. I think there is more of a problem in the other direction. Using nudity to represent eroticism is like using a grain of rice to represent a curry, with the added problem that people who want to keep everyone’s eroticism out of sight then feel a logical need to ban nudity, even breast feeding, from public sight and that’s not good.

    “Psychotics often manifest a sense of delusional self-importance by having mental breaks and disrobing.” Well, maybe that’s a symptom of some kinds of psychosis and I know that loss of inhibitions can be a symptom of other mental health issues. I definitely wouldn’t put all psychotics under the same umbrella though. It’s a very broad diagnosis, ranging hugely in symptoms and severity. Mine became “serious” because of its duration, not its (very mild) severity.

    When I was writing earlier (above) about the me finding it more challenging now to strip completely naked on camera than I used to, it did cross my mind that perhaps I used nakedness as a way of confronting my mental health issues, and now that I’m well again (and have been for some time), maybe that’s why it’s becoming more difficult for me. I don’t have the incentive of needing to distract myself from what’s in my head and I do have the barrier of increased inhibitions to overcome.