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I get it that some people, probably a lot of people, find nudity problematic. I also get it that people have a strong need to protect children from all sorts of risks. I especially get it that if people associate nudity with sex, they’ll be alarmed at the thought of children coming into contact with naked people or naked images. I can see why television programmes sometimes (quite often actually!) start with warnings about language, violence, nudity, drug taking, northern accents or whatever the controversial content may be, and I can see the sense of having a watershed at 9 or 8 or whatever time it is these days.

I’m less clear on why nudity in live performances or art galleries is seen as a problem. A child wouldn’t attend on their own, and an adult who had a problem with nudity would want to be warned about it on their own behalf, not the children’s. It almost as if “parental discretion” is giving people an excuse for feeling shocked. If the children in this audience are anything to go by, the nakedness of the performer had no significance to them.

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