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    I know that it’s polite to keep nudity and sex apart in 21st century conversation but the see-through dress in the middle of the preview image is very sexy. I wonder if she had the choice between appearing completely naked or in a see-through dress and chose the dress. I’m not sure which I’d choose for myself. I like to think it would depend on what the character would do in the play, not what I would do in real life, but maybe I’d take the room temperature into account too. I’ll have to force myself to watch this again more closely to see if there’s a reason she’s wearing that dress or if she was just being shy.

    It might be interesting as an experiment to see if people think there’s any different between being naked directly in front of someone and being naked on the other side of a transparent screen (assuming it’s too much of a pain to get transparent clothes). That reminds me of a TV show we were talking about a while ago which began with the participants undressing in front of a mirror that turned out to be a two-way one with another participant watching on the other side.

    Come to think of it, transparent clothes would be hard to source but a piece of fairly transparent fabric would be easy to find, so maybe the experiment could be to compare being naked with being wrapped in a see-through toga? Would people happily walk into the room in a see-through toga but be far more hesitant to do so naked?