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Sorry, bit of a time difference in the US, and I’m only on here maybe every 2-3 days, but I’m still here!

I’ll gladly take another layer from the professor if I’m reading that right, and, joke or not, throw my hat into that ring as well if Ed’s okay with it. I’ve never posted a picture here and it’s a bit late to join in the dares, not to mention I can’t legally do any of the outside ones, but I’ll post a pic of myself if there are enough members still here to remove enough layers from me. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but never had the right place or incentive. If we’re going by what I’d wear out on a normal day, then I’d be barefoot and without my jacket. Ed, I’ll gladly delete this if this is detracting from your original intention or otherwise wrong to put here, I’m still new to this.

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