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“For me, the difference between a naturist and nudist is if they both did a nude walk, when they ventured upon another group, the naturist would cover up to respect the other group and not to risk offending (without knowing if nudity would) the nudist would not.

I expect a nudist would disagree, but of course neither of us are wrong or right.”

I do walk nude, with a few friends and with organised groups. Since the 2018 clarification of the laws on public nudity in the UK my approach to encounters with clothed people has tended to be that I remain nude, in both small and larger groups. Previously it was the groups’ policies to cover up and we did similar with our friends. We always cover up when crossing roads and passing by homes. There are people in the group of friends and the organised groups who call themselves naturists, others refer to themselves as nudists, I’ve never done a scientific study on whether the naturists are more likely to cover up still, while the nudists stay naked. I’ll work on it and report back!

Personally, I call myself a nudist, perhaps your conclusions are correct!

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