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I’d love to live and work nude like that. I could put up with the occasional few hours wearing something while getting supplies etc. The longest I’ve managed to be continuously nude is for a couple of weeks at nudist resorts, its fantastic to be naked like that among other nudists.

I’ve also worked as a life model, it was some years ago now though. I really enjoyed it too. I started doing it because a friend suggested I try it at a place where she taught art, she knew I am a nudist and thought I might like it. I did it on my own for a while and then met a woman at a session where they wanted a male and female models to pose together. We got on really well and started working as a pair, it lasted for a couple of years before she moved away. I’ll always remember her as the woman I met first while we were both naked and who so far as been my only work colleague I’ve worked nude with. Something that I could never really understand was that during breaks between posing we were sometimes expected to wear a robe or similar. The artists had just spent maybe 30 mins looking at us while we were nude, but while having a coffee and chatting about their work they wanted us to cover up. I understand that some people might not feel totally comfortable if we were chatting with them while naked and they were clothed, but surely a nude person is more vulnerable in many such situations. With other groups nobody seemed to mind if I stayed nude while wandering around to look at the work. When working with my female friend we always remained naked, we had decided that we would only work if we could stay naked, it seemed that a nude woman or a nude m/f couple were more OK than a nude man on his own.

I’ve never cleaned naked and got paid to do it. I live nude at home so I get lots of practice at doing many things naked. I’ve wondered what it is like to be a naked cleaner and like the idea of being hired to be naked in someone’s home with them there. I like being naked in other peoples’ company, irrespective of whether everyone is nude or if I am the only one 🙂

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