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“How about if everyone could very occasionally catch sight of someone naked? It might depend on some combination of the weather, the time of day, what the viewer had eaten, the smell of a rare flower, being bitten by a rare insect, or whatever. Because it was unusual and a bit of a random chance, you’d then have the remote possibility that two people were highly attracted to each other and caught sight of each other naked at the same time. If they were sexually attracted, they’d see each other becoming aroused.”

That’s largely what happens in my novella two people with the power are looking at each other and realize they both possess this rare power.

“Being seen naked through my clothes by somebody with special powers might be slightly similar to dreaming about being naked in public, especially if hardly anyone notices. Or maybe nobody notices but I’m scared that the woman I’m hoping to go on dates with will notice and decide I’m bad news.

This is Tara Fitzgerald having a nude dream in Sirens. She doesn’t realise she’s naked at first, but then does. Maybe that’s a bit like suddenly realising somebody is looking straight through your clothes.

The power dynamic is interesting too. What if somebody with x-ray vision could only use it when they had some power over somebody. They can see me naked through my clothes because they know my secret or because I owe them money or a favour or something. Maybe I lose a party game and as a result somebody, but I don’t know who, can see through my clothes. If I guess who it is, they see my clothes again.”

That’s one way of looking at it! Except in the naked in public dreams you usually know you are naked, here people could peeking without you knowing which is why I think people would fear people with such a power. The power dynamic would be interesting because in my novel the characters sort of gradually realize they have the power and the thing is that the woman is not bothered by the fact that he can see her naked but he is kind of bothered by the fact that he finally met a woman who has the same power as him and that now he is on equal playing ground and that she can see him because he’s really shy so it sort of like poetic justice in a sense I suppose.

I guess I was kind of thinking what I would do in a situation like that if I was with a woman with x-ray vision as it would certainly be interesting but it would be kind of embarrassing and intimidating knowing that she could see me naked all the time especially in public. I think I’d feel more awkward being around her with others who’d know I was with a woman who can see me naked at all times.