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Some good suggestions there. The first one we’ve already strayed towards and I think that would be a good way to develop things. However, it may alienate some of our US-based participants as some parts of the US view nudity as a crime.

I would encourage people to take part in both the WNBR and Polar Bear Run but I cant’ coordinate with most of them as they happen at different times in different areas (+ many of the WNBR event have already happened for this year).

Is standing next to a naturist beach sign a fair one? I can’t say I know where all participants are from, but I know a few who are a LONG way from any beaches. I’ve found a list of 40 of them in the UK:

Also, I know at least three beaches near me where nudity is routinely accepted but none of them is a naturist. Do all naturist beaches have signs?