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Persuading someone to dance might be harder than persuading them to strip naked!

In this video, I liked the way her breasts moved against the very lightweight fabric of her top, and I liked the long tie she spent dancing naked. Her lipstick colour is impressive too!

Is it just striptease? She stripped fairly quickly and stayed naked for longer whereas a striptease might be the other way round. When dressed she could have danced for longer and been more revealing. Her top worked well but she could have twirled her skirt to show that she wasn’t wearing knickers. That would make it different from a striptease but, if it was a Naked Experiment, the participants would need to dress specially for it.

In a strange way, it reminds me of strip musical chairs. A big part of the fun there is all the movement, and seeing people “dance” from fully clothed to gradually more naked.

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