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    “I think for me there issues around power and safety. If someone is ultimately safe being naked and has the power to stop when they feel they’ve come to a boundary they can’t cross then all is well. I’ve played strip games on and off since I was a teenager and the feeling of being forced to strip is definitely exciting, as is the discomfort felt by other participants, but ultimately anybody can stop at any point. My wife plays along but never wants to go beyond being very briefly completely naked and everyone respects that because we’ve all known each other a long time. We did face an ethical issue once when a friend of a friend joined us. She was much younger than the rest of us and it did make me wonder how acceptable it was for older people to ask a much younger person to strip, but she fully joined in and said afterwards that she’d had a good time.”

    I think that is actually a pretty good point. I think there is a difference between being naked when you might not want to and actively being coerced. I think as long as everyone is feeling safe and willingly participating everything is all right. I think there is a difference between being coerced and being obligated to be naked. Like if you are playing a strip game you might feel very uncomfortable at the idea of being naked but you agreed to play so the idea that you feel like you are obligated to live up to the agreement and get naked is what makes it exciting. You may feel incredibly uncomfortable with the fact that you lost and now have to be the one naked, but it is still technically consensual and that is what is important.

    “I don’t think I’m especially proud of this but I very much enjoyed being at Bournemouth Beach a couple of years ago when someone had obviously been dared to get changed very slowly. She wasn’t enjoying it at all but I still found it exciting. I told myself she could always have said no. Almost everyone else nearby either didn’t notice or pretended not to, and there were quite a few topless women around including a group of youngsters playing a ball game. I remember one of them had extremely red boobs. They looked painful and I’m sure they were the next day. I hope she got someone to rub aftersun lotion into them ”

    I think that this is one thing that we have to acknowledge, we can’t control what turns us on. We may think something is wrong but we still can’t help being turned on by it. If I saw a woman naked and humiliated I would have to admit that I would feel bad for her, but at the same time I couldn’t deny that I would find the whole experience incredibly exciting. At the same time though I would probably find the situation just as embarrassing for me as it is for her because it would be awkward being in a situation where someone is naked when they don’t want to be and I would feel like I would want to help her or even offer her my own clothing.

    Of course it would be much more fun to be the one being forced to be stripped naked. I have to admit that when I see ENF (embarrassed nude female situations) much of the time I find myself fantasizing that I was the naked female. I like the idea of being the naked one more than the one observing the nudity.

    Like I had just said elsewhere in a similar forum I guess it’s for the same reason that I would probably feel uncomfortable with others being naked just as much as I would feel being naked myself. For example if a beautiful naked woman approached me while I was dressed I would probably be incredibly embarrassed seeing her in a state like that and it would be exciting but I still feel like she would be in control of the situation, particularly if she was comfortable about her naked body because she would be controlling my biological reactions simply by being naked in front of me (i.e. causing erections etc.). Something about seeing the fact that she is comfortable with her nudity while I am uncomfortable with it sort of puts her in a position of power.

    Still given that choice or being the one naked myself I would always choose being naked myself. Although I enjoy looking at the naked female form, I feel like I would be really uncomfortable being in a strip club because I don’t like that feeling of being in a position of power over women like that. If given the choice between seeing a bunch of really attractive women naked or being naked in front of a group of really attractive women I think that being naked in front of them would probably be much more exciting because not only would you have a desire to see them naked, you would be in the exact opposite position which would make it feel even more disempowering and make them seem like they were even more powerful.

    Actually I have a personal fantasy that I always thought was kind of a sweet thing that I originally turned into a story just a few days ago, fictional of course. The idea was this man and woman are stripped naked by some mean classmates of theirs during a beach trip and the two of them are stuck naked together and it’s extremely awkward and embarrassing for them. They know that their classmates are going to come and see them naked if they don’t do something and then they find one single pair of clothing and even though the guy knows he is going to end up being humiliated he gives it to the naked woman so that she can cover herself up.

    She of course feels really indebted to him by that but she also can’t help enjoying the fact that he is being humiliated even though he is doing it for her sake. Something about that just seems like it’s kind of like a sweet thing, where the person has sacrificed for you and put themselves into a humiliating situation, and yet you are still getting off on it. You can’t control the fact that you feel that way but it can be a nice feeling for both parties concerned.

    In such a situation like that I would like to think that I would sacrifice the clothing and give it to the woman but the reality of it might be far more frightening. I guess it depended on how confident she felt about her own nudity. In my story they were both awkward individuals who felt incredibly embarrassed being naked and they even spent the entire time they were searching for clothing with their backs towards each other so that they wouldn’t see each other naked!

    “Another thing this reminds me of is a conversation I had on here with @susan a while back. I was bothered about hen parties that got out of control and coerced women into getting naked and beyond. She was saying (my interpretation) that there is a difference between participating in a theatrical performance, which is fabulous escapism, and being (socially) forced into a situation that you really don’t want to be in.”

    I think this is another good point. The whole idea of something like a hen party is that women get to see men naked without any obligation to be naked themselves and if I were a performer at such a thing like that I wouldn’t ever try to coerce the women into being naked. The whole idea, the whole excitement of the situation, is the fact that they get to see you in an embarrassing situation but they get to keep their clothing on!

    Again though this is a situation where you can’t help how you feel if you are in a situation like that. There are plenty of situations where I would never willingly get naked of my own free will but if I found myself coerced into them against my will, while I would be angry, I couldn’t deny that I would also find the humiliation aspect of it to be extremely exciting and arousing. For example a big fantasy would always to be stripped naked in public in front of a large group of dressed women. I would never willingly do something so public like that, but if I was stripped naked by a group of women in public like that, while I would be angry, I couldn’t deny that it would still probably be the most exhilarating experience of my life.

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