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    I can’t even find an embed code that works and I shot and uploaded the video!  YouTube seems to do what it wants. My WNBR 2016 video doesn’t even show up in the My Videos view. It’s incredibly frustrating. It’s not that good, shot in 720p on cameras I have since replaced, and edited on a machine that didn’t play nicely with transitions, but it is the only long video I have. I’d saved all my original video to a Toshiba hard drive that failed. Two out of two Toshiba drives have failed for me. There won’t be a third.

    Front camera image quality degrades on the Cardiff ride. I must have got a raindrop inside the waterproof housing when I had the camera out to check settings. During the ride a film of condensation started to form inside the housing and the camera was shooting through it. Ironically it’s the only 4K camera I have and was only about a month old at the time. It should have been the best quality video I’ve shot.