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    “I wonder if you could volunteer to run a charity coffee shop for a week just to see how long-term nudity felt. You’d make money for the charity by people sponsoring you to be naked and also the profits from selling the coffee. You’d need to find a charity that was relevant and up for it – Prostate cancer perhaps? Eating disorders?”

    I think in the fantasy it’s an involuntary situation where you have to go naked due to some type of allergic reaction to clothing or something like that because I would probably be too nervous to do something like this voluntarily even though it would probably be rather exciting.

    When I think of being the only one naked I think of an experiment about maybe starting some type of CFNM dating or relationship whereby partner is always naked and it would be interesting to see what the effect would be on the relationship. My theory is that the person who stays dressed would probably take on sort of a dominant role and the person without clothing would become more meek differential to the person wearing clothing but again it depends on how comfortable they are with being naked and specifically with being the only one naked.

    I also thought an interesting thing might be some type of CFNM March for women’s rights or something like that where men go naked alongside their women to raise awareness of the sexual objectification of women by sexually objectifying men or something along those lines, turning the tables.